International exchange station「Robins」

Kyoto known to the world by saying, 'It is Kyoto as for the Japanese culture'.
The town of study is known though Kyoto is a sightseeing city and the brand-name college in eminent Japan crowds each other.

However, it is a reality in such Kyoto that it doesn't proceed the exchange of foreigner's person, foreigner, and the Japanese.
Foreigners do not try to gather in the foreigner, and to exchange it positively also by the Japanese.
Robbins thinks that such a situation is very unhappy for foreigners who can come from the foreign country to Japan to learn all the way for the Japanese who is in the middle of the globalization.

International Robbins has contributed to international exchange in current Kyoto through the offer of ..foreigner who lives.. comfort and cheap housing conditions.

Robbins in the future does various attempts not to stay because the life environment is only offered, and to function as a station of international exchange in Kyoto and goes forward.

*Robins was published in the newspaper.
-Nihon Keizai Shimbun
-Kyoto Shinbun
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